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"You gave my life a big lift when I saw the job you did in my home. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to clean my place.Thank you for the perfect job you did. I will definitely tell my friends and co-workers about you. Count on me to be your customer for life."


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Owner: Rose Hinds   ***  Manager:  Annette Heppenheimer

Phone:  519 426 - 7875   Ask for Annette

Email:  aheppenheimer.elite@gmail.com        for estimates and questions     

Email:  Rmhinds@sympatico.ca​

Office Hours:     Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM


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Elite Cleaning Needs You

Get your chance to become a PAID PROFESSIONAL Residential Cleaner

Let’’s face it. Most people do not like house work.

However, there some who JUST CAN’’T STOP CLEANING. 

In order to Qualify for a Professional House cleaner, you must: 

- Be in very good physical condition to sustain frequent kneeling and bending
- Be able to speak, read and write English
- Have a reliable vehicle (to drive to the Homes in your area)
- Have no fear of household pets
- Have no allergies to dust, mold, pets
- Be bondable and able to pass an Police security clearance
- Be able to supply references
- Have experience in a job where physical ““hand-eye”” co-ordination is important
- Be willing to learn the "Elite Cleaning Service" system of cleaning
- Have an eye for fine detail cleaning
- Be able to understand the importance of removing bacteria
- Understand the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing
- Have a helping, caring attitude towards customers

If this describes you, then:

You will enjoy as a position with Elite Cleaning Service!

Progressive Rate of Pay:

Job Security:

We are in demand all year around, and are hiring all the time.
The Only time we loose clients is if one passes away, changes in employment, or if our cleaner does not do their job properly

After an apprentice period, all Cleaners are eligible for

- Workers compensation coverage
- All employees receive full employment insurance
- Canada Pension Plan benefits
- 2 weeks of paid vacation each year


Elite Cleaning Services, work only during the week. We can tailor a schedule
to suit you in your part of town or area.

Job Training:

Residential cleaning is a skilled trade, we put much effort into improving
techniques, time management skills and knowledge of products.

Our company is famous for the quality of our cleaning. Even if you already
have years of experience, you will benefit from our training.

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Explain Your Job!Why did you leave ?


Explain Your Job!Why did you leave ?

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Do You have a reliable Vehicle ?                                      Drivers Licence ? 

Why do you want to clean houses ?

What do you expect to be paid ? 

Have you cleaned houses before except for yourself ?